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Location: Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shattrath CityAll orphans want someone showed them the wonders of the world. A whole year they walk to their hometowns,buying wow gold,dreaming of a time when they grow up. Then they can travel the world alone and be sure to visit the places wherever they could svozit parents. But during Children's Week fulfill the dreams of children can brave warriors of the Horde and Alliance! To do this you need only look at the orphanage of his faction. Talk to Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind (Alliance) or Orphan Matron Batlveyl in Orgrimmar (Horde). Then you and your young friend go on a journey through Azeroth. Here are some of the places to see that dream to orphans:

It mentioned twice in the article that Infinity Ward was somehow able to create both Moder Warfare and Modern Warfare without outside assistance. Of course they were, they were at full staff and had all the creative talent intact. The heads of the studio left after the release of the second game, which was followed by a mass exodus of critical staff members. So I not sure why it keeps being mentioned that they somehow were able to release those games without outside help. Infinty Ward, one of the top 3 studies who focus on first person shooters, is nothing more than a shell of it former self. Modern Warfera 3 doesn sound like it going to be as polished and refined as the last few relases simply because there going to be 3 studios, who haven worked on this title before, all trying to meet a deadline and will somehow need to gel in such a short time. Meh, hope it turns out well.

Most World of Warcraft Leveling Guides almost completely disregard professions, but what's the point of getting to level 80 fast if you don't have the skills to make gold, gear, and supplies when you get there? Nyhm totally backs you up in this area too, he includes stepbystep instructions to level all professions.

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