The hardware monitor shows three additional icons, and the main wow gold screen for it shows Vcore, CPU_VTT, +3.3v, +12v rails and so on. There is another machete icon that when clicked brings up adjustment sliders for all the values shown in the hardware monitor. The fan propeller blade icon shows the fan speeds (This is actually the only icon that makes any sense here, but is way out of context for the theme of the software.) When clicked it shows fan speed values for the CPU, north bridge and system fan speeds are become adjustable. The firewood icon indicates temperature monitoring. You can see north bridge, system and CPU temperatures. When you click on the firewood, you can set thermal thresholds for each of the three values.

This plugin creates a widget that you can use in a sidebar to display the current status of any US World of Warcraft realm. After looking around for an already existing plugin I realized nobody had created one yet and decided to do it myself. This is my first WP plugin and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc.

I did this for a few days and made well over 300k. I pawned off all of it to guildmates and ni hao sites via Paypal and transferred that money to my bank. After some time I realized how much quicker I could be making gold if I had instant flight form and could shadowmeld mobs off of me.

The Totem. The ability of Shamans to control the elements will be an advantage for the group in a battle or raid. The Shaman has to earn the totem to be able to use them. There are four totems which are the Earth, Air, Water and fire. The first totem that will become available to the Shaman is the Earth totem and the rest can be acquired when the Shaman's level progresses. The Shaman will eventually have all four totems in his inventory. The totem will not move along with the Shaman, so you once it is placed in an area the Shaman and members of the group should not stray too far from it to benefit from the totem's power. The totem will enable the Shaman to cast spells on enemies but remember that enemy forces will have their own Shamans as well. Take care of the totem and have someone guard it because it is vulnerable to attacks and can be damaged. Locate enemy Shamans and see where they place their totem. If you see one planted, go to it and destroy it. Totems are nontransferable and will remain with you once you get one because they are soulbound.

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